Birthday Resolutions

It’s my birthday this week. 🙂  Birthdays are the start of a new year and a new year is a time to reflect on the past and set new year’s resolutions for the future – or in my case, birthday resolutions.  I feel like I have been too serious, too responsible, too deliberate, too scared and too private in my life to date.   Although these qualities have served me well, I want to be more ‘other’ qualities.  I want to have more fun, create more, challenge myself to explore and develop new talents and experience the world in different ways.  I want to live a more inspired, fulfilled, authentic life. Whew!

So I’m starting a blog as the first step in this odyssey.  This scares me because sharing my thoughts through writing and photos  makes me feel vulnerable and definitely not private – but what better way to start on this journey of self-discovery.  This blog will be a personal record of my efforts to challenge myself and discover new talents along the way.   I am committed to trying new things and posting about my experiences along the way. The hope is that this blog will keep me motivated and accountable.

So friends, welcome to my adventure.


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