Tea Leafs, Tarot and Ouija Board

Every three or four months a group of us (connected through My One and Only’s family) get together for a girls’ get together.  We call this our Cousin’s Day for lack of a better name.   We started this tradition after the group of us recognized that although we enjoyed each others company  we rarely saw each other except for Christmas holidays and maybe a summer barbecue because of distance, family obligations and work.    As with everything that is precious and important, you have to make an effort and make time.  So we initiated our Cousin’s Day.  The rules include getting together for an activity that is new to at least one member of the group.

Some of our activities to date have included: cross border shopping at an outlet mall followed by dinner at a great restaurant; a day at the spa that included brunch, pedicures and lounging by the fire in our robes.  We spent a number of days preparing a dance à la “rock the reception” for My One and Only’s niece.  Five of us did a choreographed dance to “Don’t Cha” by the Pussycat Dolls.  Let me tell you – we look nothing like the Pussycat Dolls (and some of us could be their mothers) but when we performed the song for the groom (in front of about 300 guests) we were definitely entertaining!

During our most recent Cousin’s Day, we enjoyed lunch and then spent the afternoon in the art of divination. We had a tea leaf reader Amy, come to the home and do readings.  She was fabulous and although most of us were somewhat skeptical, she identified some very personal and specific information for each of us that she could not have known.  The readings were exciting and entertaining for all of us, surprising for some of us, emotional for others and reassuring for others.  As part of the afternoon we also pulled out the Tarot cards and did readings on each other.  These of course were less accurate than the tea leaf readings but entertaining nonetheless.  Finally after supper we pulled out the Ouija board (one of the original boards from the 1970’s).  Whether one believes in the power of the Ouija or not, it was both a hilarious experience (bringing us all back to our adolescence) and a freaky experience.  Picture a bunch of grown women (ranging in age from late 20’s to early 50’s) kneeling around the Ouija  board perched on an ottoman.  The Ouija identified four spirits in the house, all relatives of the cousins.  No one admitted to moving the pointer but it definitely moved and answered questions.

Can’t wait to see what’s next for Cousin’s Day – maybe pole dancing?


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