Blog Envy

I have Blog Envy.  I read posts on other blogs and I think, I want to be that writer, photographer, crafter (WP says this isn’t a word) or cook.  I want to have those insights into the world around me.  I want to have those eyes to see the colour in the world around me, to have the crafting inspiration and the  talent to create something, anything .  I want to have something to write about but instead I stare at my blank,  blinking screen and can’t think what to write.

I think I must have something to say.  I engage and contribute to conversation every day (well most days).  A large part of my work day involves writing so I know I can write .   I love cooking, taking photos and creating with my hands, so I should be able to create a post right?  But  instead, I find myself enjoying other blogs, trying to keep my green-eyed monsters and my inner critics at bay.

My inner critics are really to blame.  They raise their ugly heads and stunt all my creativity, inspiration and ideas. Who invited them any way?  I need to banish my inner critics from this party (and possibly my One and Only who is reading over my shoulders and telling me what she thinks I should write).  I need to follow the wisdom of the writing and blogging gurus and just start.  Just write something dammit.   Embrace looking foolish, boring, uninspired, and just write.

So starting now… well maybe starting tomorrow… I will write something at least once a day week.  Oh, but the rain has finally stopped, the sun is out, lazy summer days are fast approaching and it’s really too nice to sit inside….


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