How does your garden grow?

This year, My One and Only has decided to plant a vegetable garden.   Except for planting some herbs (usually two kinds of basil, parsley, and maybe some mint) she has never really shown any interest in gardening in the last 15 years or so preferring to support me from the deck, sitting reading a book, cold drink at hand, while  I planted, weeded and generally managed our flower garden.  She was always encouraging and willing to offer advice but really couldn’t tell a weed from an annual from a vegetable.   Each year she excitedly picked out herbs at the beginning of each season and then somehow forgot about them once they were planted in their pots.  Sometimes she even forgot what kind of herbs she had picked out.  So this year, when she told me she wanted to plant a small vegetable garden, I was a wee bit skeptical but after much discussion around who would be responsible for this garden  (her), we agreed.  She had to strategically pick her vegetables given the limited space and finally decided on three tomato plants (two heirloom and one cherry), a yellow pepper plant, a cucumber plant and a watermelon plant (planted in a planter on the front porch).  She has lovingly tended her plants and even bought velcro garden ties to gently stake her plants.   And mostly she has remembered to water her plants daily.  I have to say, I think she has a natural green thumb.  Her plants are doing beautifully and starting to bear fruit, so fingers crossed, we can soon eat our own freshly grown vegetables.

Cucumber - Just planted

cucumber - growing beautifully

Yellow pepper - newly planted

Cherry tomato - newly planted

Cherry tomato fruit


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