Summer Moments

It’s raining.  After almost two months of glorious sun, heat and summer weekend bliss,  it’s raining on a Saturday afternoon.  But somehow it’s okay. After all, the trees and the garden have been waiting for a good downpour and it gives me an opportunity to post on my neglected blog.  I haven’t found the time to post anything, mostly because I have been too busy enjoying the beautiful weather and the opportunities that summer provides.  It felt like a bit of a waste of the beautiful days to be sitting at my lap top when I could be outside.  So today’s rain is an opportunity.  An opportunity to reflect on the simple pleasures of summertime.

So here is my list of moments of summer bliss:

Leisurely strolls with Abbey:   Abbey waits patiently for her mama to get her keys so she can start her walk.

Dining al fresco





Even left overs somehow taste better outside.  Grilled vegetables and shrimp on pasta. Grilled asparagus. Cucumber salad with basil.

Growing watermelons:

Every day, we patiently water this watermelon and watch it grow.  It didn’t come with instructions so now we just have to figure out when it is ready to eat.

Summer dressing:

Love the loose, colourful clothes of summer.

Frothy icy drinks from Starbucks:

Yummy. Especially after a long walk on a hot summer afternoon.

Planning our Fall trip to Italy:

Big beautiful hanging flower baskets decorating the streets:

Playing soccer and baseball:

I’m such an athlete.

Our first garden vegetable:    Writing this post reminds me and re-connects me to the wonderful everyday moments of my life.


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