Bird-themed Bridal Shower

I had to once again channel Martha Stewart to create a theme for my little sister’s (aka Lil Sistore) bridal shower.  Mama P. invited 70 of Lil Sistore’s nearest and dearest to the event (you can’t do small and intimate in an Italian family) and took responsibility for organizing a great Italian dinner (Antipasto, Manicotti, Chicken Florentine and Strawberry Parfait for dessert) and the Italian relatives baked tray upon tray of cookies (because you can’t have a shower without cookies for all the quests to take home). This meant that the decor and games were left to me (the daughter without the craft gene!).

Lil Sistore loves vintage, birds and pink so we tried to blend these elements in the decorations.  We wrapped the favours in craft paper and chiffon bows and Lil Sistore made the tags (using her Cuttlebug dye cut machine – So not my thing!).  She was cursing by about the 30th tag!

We (actually My One and Only)  filled a bird topped apothecary jar with candy covered chocolate eggs for a guess the number of eggs game. My One and Only counted the chocolate eggs (613) and may have eaten about 30 along the way.

The bride’s table had a blue bird-cage filled with pink peonies.  I don’t have patience for flower arranging generally so my cousin thankfully was available to take on the task.

I added bird motifs on the receiving table and pink accents throughout the venue including small white boxes that contained flavoured sugar packets that we used as place cards.









As I reviewed the preparations I realized that I didn’t really have to have a craft gene – just organization skills and the ability to delegate – I managed to get everyone else to do the finicky craft details while I just had to “supervise.”  Despite Lil Sistore’s aversion to events where she is the center of attention she had a great time.



2 thoughts on “Bird-themed Bridal Shower

  1. Who are you trying to kid? I would call you crafty! And, for future reference, here is another neat idea for peonies. Put them in a square clear glass vase with 2-3 limes in the water. The green of the limes looks fabulous with the pink of the peonies. I saw this done at an event in Spain and have been dying to entertain during peony season ever since, just to try it!

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