Weekly Photo Challenge – Close








These little guys were living in the garage roof at Mama P’s home.  When they were finally brave enough to venture away from home without their mama, they landed in the garbage pail propped up against the house with no way out.  They had each other so they didn’t seem distraught when we found them. Despite the space at the bottom of the pail, they chose to stay close together.

It was our intention to re-locate them but after looking at their sweet little faces,  we didn’t feel we could separate them from their mama so we tipped the pail to help them escape and find their way home.  A week later, these cute little guys ended up terrorizing Mama P when they tried to repeatedly break into her second floor bedroom window during the night. So the next time they landed in the pail (I know, how did that happen?), we found them a new home in the woods far far away from Mama P’s home.



4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Close

    • Thank you so much for this recognition – what a thrill to find your message in my in-box. This award also gave me an opportunity to discover your blog. I look forward to exploring more of your posts.

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