Weekly Photo Challenge – Purple

View of the Castello di StrozzavolpeI woke up feeling blue today and the thought of going to work was unfathomable. So I took a mental health day and spent the afternoon in my favourite coffee-house with my lap top reminiscing and reviewing photos from my recent trip to Italy.   I came across these photos that I thought fit nicely with this week’s photo challenge.

We stayed in a lovely agriturisimo – I Melograni del Chianti just outside Poggibonsi in the Tuscany region. I would recommend this beautiful place for anyone wanting to stay in the Chianti region.  We could see the Castelli di Strozzavople located on a hill-top just outside Poggibonsi from our apartment. The pinks and purples of the morning sky were breathtaking.

The colour purple was also abundant in the market stalls that we visited throughout Italy.

The fresh figs were mouth-watering and I couldn’t get enough of them.

After a day of relaxing with a cup of coffee, recalling my wonderful Italian sojourn, I’m feeling less blue and more ready to tackle the pile of work waiting for me knowing that there will be more travel in my future to look forward to.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Purple

  1. My husband and I thought Chianti would be a lovely region of Tuscany to stay in whenever we have the good fortune to return (perhaps after our teens make it through college!) — we did not have enough time to explore Chianti when we were there. This agriturismo looks perfect! ~ Kat B.

    • It was incredibly beautiful and the owner, Serena was a gracious hostess. I would highly recommend it. It was the least expensive place we stayed in all of Italy and it was the most spacious. Hope you get there soon!

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