Weekly Photo Challenge – Growth

Michelangelo's Renaissance PiazzaRenaissance Gardens overlooking the ruins of the Roman Forum

If you stand on the grounds of the Roman Forum, near the ruins of the House of the Vestal Virgins and look towards the Capitoline Hill, you can see the gardens of Michelangelo’s Renaissance Piazza atop ancient Roman ruins.  The excavations of these ruins has provided us an understanding of the growth of civilization.  The dilemma however that remains – to continue to excavate, the archeologist would have to risk destroying the history above.

These photos don’t begin to capture the overwhelming awe that I felt standing where ancient Romans once walked and looking at the gardens that were later created by one of the greatest artists and thinkers.


5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Growth

    • Apparently, the later civilizations used the ancient ruins (Roman Forum, Coliseum etc) as quarries where they would take stones and marble to build new temples, homes etc. It is really all very fascinating. Thanks for visiting!

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