Weekly Photo Challenge – Wrong


Friends got together the other night for a party in honour of the Disco Divas that have passed this year – Donna Summer, Whitney Houston and Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees.  It was a fabulous night and everyone came dressed in vintage disco fashions.

I loved the disco era. I remember my girl friends and I spending hours in my basement rec room, dancing to the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack album, trying to imitate John Travolta and his partner’s dance steps.  When I hear the songs “Stayin Alive,” “Night Fever”, “More than a Woman” and “How Deep is Your Love” it brings me right back to those days during my early adolescence when all that mattered were friends, dancing and laughing.

John Travolta’s black shirt and white suit are iconic to that period – but some of the fashions from that period were just wrong!!.  The clothes worn in the above photograph were found in a local vintage shop.  No one under any circumstances should have ever worn a purple velvet tuxedo shirt.  Do you have any favourite disco fashion memories?


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