Weekly Photo Challenge – Solitary

Cayo Santa Maria, CubaI always enjoy the sense of solitude I experience when I’m near the ocean. Perhaps it’s the vastness of the sky and water and the apparently uninhabited coastline which all contribute to the perfect conditions for quiet contemplation.

This photo was taken in Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba. The beaches on this tiny island are some of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen.  The sand is white and the water is turquoise blue. Even during overcast and stormy days, the beach is spectacular.

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12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Solitary

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  2. Spectacular beach indeed. I used to walk every morning by the beach enjoying quietness and solitude with the sun rising and the waves tickling my feet. I just wish I have more of those times. Priceless ….

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    • Do you have ESP? I was just looking at my photos to see if I had something that fit the theme.🌳 I will definitely post if I find something or get a chance to get out with my camera. Happy travels.

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