Hot, hot, hot…


Even thought it’s winter here in Canada, these days I don’t have far to go to feel hot and steamy. Thanks to the joy of hot flashes, I get heat surges at least once an hour and each time I try to imagine myself in one of these lovely destinations as I whip off layers of clothing.

Italian chili pepper in the Rialto market, VeniceExploring the vegetable stalls and the piled high chilli peppers in the Rialto Market on the Grand Canal, Venice.

DSC02270_0510A warm, breezy night watching the sunset from the deck of the Barba Roja Restaurant, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.

IMG_0565 Hiking almost unbearably hot desert trails, Red Rock Canyon, Nevada. (For more on this story visit here).

Rainforest, Queensland, AustraliaThe hot, steamy rainforest trails of Kuranda State Forest, Queensland, Australia.

Thank you to Ailsa at Where’s my backpack for this week’s travel theme and reminding me that heat is good.


3 thoughts on “Hot, hot, hot…

  1. Love the peppers shot, rich in colour. Now I know what to call these annoying global warming surges exploding through my body and dripping from my chin….it’s Piccanti Time!

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