Weekly Photo Challenge – The Sign Says

Local artists in the city have created a number of humorous road signs as part of an outdoor art project.  I love these two!

Duck This first sign, “Duck” is by a friend, Hitoko Okada, a fashion artist.  In this piece, she uses Kaomoji, the Japanese smileys and emoticons.  Hitoko describes that by pairing “duck” on a caution sign, it is a “humorous traffic warning for overhead hazards like falling glass from poorly constructed condos” and other poorly constructed projects.  “In general  a warning for oncoming hazards on life’s unpredictable path when the city and corporation keep passing up the response-ability.”  For more on Hitoko’s art, visit her website, Hitokoo.com.

The Road Sign ProjectThe second sign is by Matthieu Leger and is a commentary on the 21st century  “obsession with disseminating one’s location and circumstances.”

For more on this project, visit The Road Sign Project.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Free Spirit


My sister, a free spirit always challenges me to be more creative and do things a bit out of the box.  We were at the park tonight playing with the camera settings and she showed me how to take “ghost” pictures.  I thought that this photo would be a fun take on the weekly photo challenge.  I didn’t have a tripod with me so I had to hold the camera very still.  I couldn’t stop laughing (and shaking) so many of the images I took lacked crispness but we had fun.  My sister, is one of the “ghosts” in the photo.

Bird-themed Bridal Shower

I had to once again channel Martha Stewart to create a theme for my little sister’s (aka Lil Sistore) bridal shower.  Mama P. invited 70 of Lil Sistore’s nearest and dearest to the event (you can’t do small and intimate in an Italian family) and took responsibility for organizing a great Italian dinner (Antipasto, Manicotti, Chicken Florentine and Strawberry Parfait for dessert) and the Italian relatives baked tray upon tray of cookies (because you can’t have a shower without cookies for all the quests to take home). This meant that the decor and games were left to me (the daughter without the craft gene!).

Lil Sistore loves vintage, birds and pink so we tried to blend these elements in the decorations.  We wrapped the favours in craft paper and chiffon bows and Lil Sistore made the tags (using her Cuttlebug dye cut machine – So not my thing!).  She was cursing by about the 30th tag!

We (actually My One and Only)  filled a bird topped apothecary jar with candy covered chocolate eggs for a guess the number of eggs game. My One and Only counted the chocolate eggs (613) and may have eaten about 30 along the way.

The bride’s table had a blue bird-cage filled with pink peonies.  I don’t have patience for flower arranging generally so my cousin thankfully was available to take on the task.

I added bird motifs on the receiving table and pink accents throughout the venue including small white boxes that contained flavoured sugar packets that we used as place cards.









As I reviewed the preparations I realized that I didn’t really have to have a craft gene – just organization skills and the ability to delegate – I managed to get everyone else to do the finicky craft details while I just had to “supervise.”  Despite Lil Sistore’s aversion to events where she is the center of attention she had a great time.


Bridesmaids Brunch

I had to channel Martha Stewart in order to properly host a bridesmaid brunch for one of my most favourite people in the world – my sister (aka Lil Sistore).  Despite a significant age difference she is one of my best friends and I was incredibly touched when she asked me to be her MOH (Maid of Honour).  Lil Sistore is a fun, funny, sensitive person and often the comedian of family get togethers.   She is fiercely independent but ready to step in to help anyone in her circle who needs something.  However, the thought of asking someone to do something for her gives her heart palpitations.  So as MOH I hosted a brunch for the bridesmaids and the mothers in order to talk dresses, hair, makeup, decor and a trip to Vegas.  Fortunately for Lil Sistore, I love to entertain.  Unfortunately for Lil Sistore, I struggle with DIY projects (Lil Sistore got the craft genes) but I was determined to host a yummy brunch with pretty, decorative touches.

After hours perusing Martha Stewart Weddings for decor inspiration and the LCBO for food and drink inspiration.  I filled dollar store vases with arrangements of white roses, lilies, hydrangeas and evergreen branches and tied each vase with a ribbon and a tag for either a bridesmaid, mother of the bride or mother of the groom.  Lil Sistore gave each guest a flower arrangement upon leaving.

The buffet menu included:

Antipasto platter

Fennel, orange and pomegranate salad

Roasted asparagus drizzled with a dill and yogurt sauce

Crab salad

Maple bacon


Johnny cake

Stacked mini pancakes

Butter rolls

Fruit salad

Cookies and squares

I think we managed to have a lovely day and plans were made, but in the end, what mattered most was the company of good friends and the laughter that we all enjoyed.