My backyard oasis…shattered

I delight in my peaceful backyard oasis.

It’s a small garden but over the years I have filled it with statuary and perennials that bring me joy and contentment.

I sit on my deck, reading, blogging, sharing a meal with friends and simply enjoying the beauty around me.

And then it happened.  My One and Only and I were sitting on the deck, enjoying a lovely summer evening.  The wind gently rustled the leaves of the large black walnut tree overhead.  The birds chirped cheerily.  The pond fountain gurgled. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a  flash of black charge down the trunk of the black walnut.  The underbrush shook violently and we heard hysterical chirping.  The streak of black emerged from under a large hosta with a slash of red in its mouth.  It took me a moment to register that it was the neighbour cat with a cardinal in its mouth.  It took me several more seconds to realize that the cat had grabbed the cardinal that lived in our backyard.  The cat looked at me triumphantly and then before we could to react,  the cat  took off across the yard, leapt over the fence into the neighbour’s yard and disappeared.  We sat shocked and somewhat traumatized. 

I know, I know – it’s what cats do.  But still.   So now we sit on our deck,  less peaceful, with a broom at the ready, to chase that damn cat away if it even thinks of stepping foot in our garden oasis.  So far, the cat is winning.