Goddess to the Core Workshop

I can’t believe it has  taken me two weeks to post about my latest adventure.  Two weeks ago, I did something daring and a bit out of my comfort zone and attended the Goddess to the Core workshop described as “an inspired workout to maximize your fitness, beauty and power.”  I attended this workshop at the Omega Institute.  (You can read about  my love of the Omega Institute in an earlier post).

The three-day workshop was led by Sierra Bender, a beautiful, fit energetic and passionate woman.  It was a weekend filled with empowering messages and celebration of the strength, courage, wisdom, and beauty of all women. And although there were parts that were physical, it really was about finding and believing in our core that we as women are able to do anything we want in this world without giving up our femininity, our goddess nature.

Our mornings started with stretches, singing and a smudging ceremony to cleanse ourselves followed by a silent hike in the woods.  Hiking in silence brought awareness to our surroundings as well as our own inner dialogues.

After the hikes, we meditated.  The meditation connecting us to nature, led by Sierra’s partner, Dr. Jeff Midgow amidst the trees, was powerful.  I felt grounded and connected to the world around me.  This meditation brought me a sense of peace.  Thinking back on the experience, I am reminded of the power of being still, of being present and the need to continue this practice daily (although it always seems harder to do when I’m back in my life).

Probably the most exciting and amazing part of the weekend was the board breaking exercise.  Imagine a room full of about forty women of all ages, shapes and sizes.  We each wrote on one side of a  pine board a negative message that we believed about ourselves.  On the other side of the board, we wrote the opposite of that message.  If someone wrote that they believed they were unworthy, on the opposite side they wrote that they were worthy.  Then with a trio of drummers drumming and women clapping and cheering, women took turns breaking their boards with their feet.  The energy and encouragement and joy in the room when each woman, after a varying number of attempts, was able to break through their board with a quick powerful kick was incredible.   I broke through my board on my third attempt. It was exhilarating a finally break through.

I went home from this weekend with a sense of wonder at the power of women and a sense of contentment that I am where I need to be in my life and that despite the day-to-day challenges of work and responsibilities, life is good.  I took a chance on a workshop that scared me (I don’t do experiential very well) and lived to experience a great adventure.  Writing this post has served to reconnect me to those good, positive feelings.